Johanna Kelley, Esq.

Mrs. Kelley is a bilingual (Spanish-English) attorney, licensed to practice law in the state of New York and the country of Colombia. Have spent more than sixteen years working in international and domestic law, public policy and development. 

Mrs. Kelley studied law in Colombia and graduated in 2001. While in Colombia, she practiced employment, Constitutional, administrative, internal and human rights law. She advised private corporations, local and international human rights organizations, governmental agencies, the Colombian Army, and grassroots community organizations regarding the Colombian political situation........



Johanna Kelley, Esq.

In November 2013, Mrs. Kelley founded a non-profit organization aimed to protect and promote immigrant rights and social justice based on a master project that she conceived as fellow grad student at Duke University School of Public Policy.  

Leigh Jones

Leigh Jones graduated from The University of North Carolina with a B.A. in International Studies and a minor in Hebrew. Then, she went to law school at Buffalo Law School where she graduated with a Juris Doctor in 2013.

Nuslid Tarifa

"Nuslid (Nus-lee)Tarifa was born and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Her family is from El Salvador and her husband is from Venezuela.

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Very professional and helpful. Thank you for helping me with my process. I highly recommend this service. I couldn’t find a best lawyer.

Keily Juliet Torres Avila

Mi experiencia con la abogada Johanna Kelley a sido demasiado excelente y profesional.

Yo fui conla abogada Johanna Kelley para una visa que pensé que no iva ser posible porque mi caso fue de ase como 20 años atrás y pensé que you no tenía ninguna probabilidad de aplicar o obtener una visa pero la abogada me animó que no pierdo mucho para aplicar y y me anime para aplicar y en poco tiempo me llamo y me aviso de todo los requisitos y después que los mande los requisitos ella en menos de un mes me llamo con la buenas noticias de que si fui aprobado por la visa y que ya de a qui para delante la tenemos fácil de ganar.

Pero le recomiendo sus Servicios de la abogada a todo el mundo para que por lo menos se informen si tienen una posiblidad de optener algo pal futuro.

Emilio Candela

Attorney Johanna Kelley is Licensed in New York

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